The Grave of Catherine Drew

St. John's Church, Cinderford

The nettles and young brambles gone, the grass cut, and a primrose and a primula planted. (8 April 2000)

General views: left: Catherine's grave is in the upper centre of the picture. Above: St. John's Church. Catherine's grave is close to the tree in the middle of the picture. A local lady tends her own mother's grave nearby.

Note the crack around the edge of the surface of the stone.

The term "engraved in stone" is used to indicate permanency. Unfortunately this is often not the case. This stone, erected in 1867 is already showing severe signs of decay, and the whole surface, with the engraving, has been damaged by frost and is about to become detached entirely.  There is already a hollow space behind it. Sadly, it may not last more than a few more winters.

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