Web pages for Used Car Dealers

Web page package for Main Dealers + Used Cars

It doesn't matter where you are located. This package is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a used vehicle dealer. It allows for semi-static pages, plus regular updates of lists of used vehicles.

Contents of the package include the design of:
  • A home page (example shown at right)
  • A page about your company, it's activities and contacts
  • A page with a map showing the location of your company
  • A menu (constantly on screen) with links to other pages
  • A main page for used cars, leading to separate pages for listings of:
  • Used cars under £4,000
  • Used cars £4,000 - £10,000
  • Used cars over £10,000
  • Used 4x4 vehicles
  • A page with examples of finance and repayments
You may vary the price ranges if you wish, and the listings on each page can be random, divided into makes and models, or in price order.

That's a total of up to 9 pages -
designed at a one-off cost of £175.00 + vat.

That's why we make the statement "We have exploded the myth that it is expensive to have your company on the Internet".

You may have additional pages to the standard package at a nominal extra cost, for example, pages with details of special offers, finance payment examples, etc.

The used car pages can be supplemented with a low-cost separate page for each vehicle, complete with further details and a photograph. We have a well-established mechanism so that you can have your used car listings updated whenever you wish.

Further details of the used car pages and how we update them regularly

Web page package for Main Dealers + Used Cars

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