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No matter where you are in the world, we can design your web pages for you quickly and efficiently.

So why do I need my own web pages?

  1. It gives your company prestige.
  2. It makes a statement to your customers that you are up to date with technology.
  3. It is like having a full page (or a lot more) glossy advertisement rather than a few tiny lines in small print in a newspaper or yellow pages.
  4. You can describe what you do in full detail.
  5. You can update the information whenever you wish, unlike a traditional printed brochure that you are stuck with.
  6. Customers can find you easily. The time has come when people look on the Internet first!
  7. You can add your own web page address to your business stationery and traditional advertisements. This works really well !
  8. It brings added business.

Single or Multiple web page for your company or organisation

Single web page for your company or organisation

First and foremost, it need not be expensive to have presence on the internet. Furthermore, pages on the internet can be updated very quickly and easily so that they are completely up to date. Most importantly, you don't have to learn the complicated business of creating web pages and getting them onto the internet. That's what our business is about, and our objective is to make it easy for you and without hassle!

The internet has such a high profile these days that it is virtually impossible not to become involved if your business is considered to be "up to date". People look on the internet for information about all sorts of things, and it is only natural that they should look for your business or organisation there too. Yellow pages are fine, but just how much information can you display about your company? Newspaper advertisements are fine too, but how much can you display there, and with how much detail to make it appear really attractive?

Web pages displayed on the internet can remain there in full view for as long as you wish. There is no time limit, and no additional expense of re-advertising! No longer do you have to try to cram in a few key words in a newspaper advertisement to encourage people to look at your company, product or service, because you can say as much as you want about it. You are not limited to just one photograph. You can have several, and within reason, as much text as you like. What you should do, however, is make sure that your internet web page address appears on your newspaper adverts and any printed material.

We can design and maintain your single web page from £60 + vat. (Reductions of 50% for schools and registered charities). This includes the cost of hosting on the Forest Web server for the first year, after which a charge of £30 + vat will be made each year for the web hosting. Your web page address will be in the format:

If you require web page design only (and have it hosted on your own web space) there is a one-off charge of £60.00.

That charge includes up to two free updates of detail each year, so your pages can be kept up to date. It also includes free digital scanning of your colour photographs Should you wish to expand your pages to two or more at any time in the future, then that's no problem. It becomes cheaper for extra pages. You may include response forms for visitors to fill in, the results of which are automatically posted to your e-mail address.

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Examples of some of our customer single web page sites

For further information, or to arrange a meeting, please phone us on 01989 562813
(or mobile 07769 684458) or E-mail ([email protected]) at Forest Web.

Multiple web pages for your company or organisation

Multiple web pages are especially useful where you want to have several separate sections of information. A typical small mini-web would include an introduction page, a page about your company or organisation, with contact details, etc., and one or more pages to describe your products or services. The only real limit to the content of each page is the amount of graphics and photographs, which for those with slow modems can take some time to display. It is therefore best to keep to about 4 graphics per page, unless you have plenty of interesting text for folks to read while they are waiting for the pictures to display. (Text loads and displays very quickly).

Although we quote a "flat rate" per page for the design of multiple page sites, this should only be used as a guide to the maximum amount which would be charged. It is invariably less than the quoted fee. We often find it easier (and more efficient) to split a page into two pages without charging extra. Costs include free scanning of photographs, logos, diagrams, etc. but specially designed graphics may be charged extra. We really need to meet and discuss your requirements, and then we can give you a more accurate estimate.

Approximate Price guide for web page design
From £60 + vat each

Updates to your web pages are free for the first three months. You may then have two minor alterations to each page per year free of charge, although major alterations and re-design will be charged on an hourly rate.

The prices above do not include the cost of web page hosting. You may have them on your own web space, (no charge) or on the Forest Web server (for which there would be a hosting charge depending on the amount of data).

If you require multiple web pages and are happy to have a web page address in the format or - then we can arrange a free 15Mb of web space for you - and free e-mail services too if you wish! Actually, only the "home page" for your organisation will be hosted on the Forest Web servers, and the remainder on the Internet-Today servers (not that anyone would notice, as the links between the two are effectively seamless). In such cases we make an annual charge of £60.00 + vat and the design charges per page are a one-off.

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Also see Search Engine Registration

Multiple page web sites may include response forms for visitors to fill in, the results of which are automatically posted to your e-mail address.

You may also have sets of pages which are password protected, which allow authorised individuals or groups of people to access them.

Examples of some of our customer web page sites

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For general information, and the benefits of having your web pages with Forest Web, also see Single Web Pages.

For further information, or to arrange a meeting, please phone us on 01989 562813(Mobile 07769 684458)
or Email ([email protected]) at Forest Web.


Single web page for your company or organisation
Multiple web pages for your company or organisation

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Examples of some of our customer web page sites

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