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Domain Names

There are different types of domain names available, at different costs. Some of the "packages" come with distinctive e-mail addresses. For example, our own domain name is and our e-mail addresses are in the format [email protected] The type of domain name you choose depends on the funding available, and the prestige that you want by having your own uniquely identifiable name.

Examples of domain names include: (free registration to Forest Web customers)

Style of domain name

Who should register

Registration Rules Any business, company or organisation. These domain names are registered under our own web server, and are ideal for smaller businesses and organisations, or where you do not want to go to the trouble and expense of registering a "prime" domain name. Registration is free for Forest Web customers. You continue to use your own existing e-mail address, or we can help you set up one free with (that includes 15Mb of free web space too!)
Minimum of three characters (a-z and 1-9 and a hyphen)
All lower case characters should be used
First come, first served basis. A commercial business in the UK Any person may own any number of names as long as they continue to pay for the administration of the name. We can help you though the minefield of setting up a domain name.

Having your own domain name is only part of the story. Because you then need somewhere to "park" it - the web space on the server of an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Packages exist with some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to include web space, and domain name registration. Prices start from around £300 per year, plus a £100 initial setup fee. That inclues the cost of "mail forwarding" i.e. your e-mail address* becomes [email protected], with as many individual e-mail addresses as you require for different people within your organisation.
Minimum of three characters (a-z and 1-9 and a hyphen)
All lower case characters should be used
First come, first served basis.

* The cost does not normally include an e-mail account, and it is normal to have one with the same ISP as the web space account.

Some people like to shop around for the best deal in web space, domain name registration, setup fee and e-mail account. That's natural. We would warn you now - there are some ISPs around who are cheaper than others - but there are always some drawbacks! You get what you pay for. Even some of the "big" names provide a service which has limitations - some of our customers have learned this the hard way! Frankly, its a minefield. Some ISPs are excellent, others shouldn't be touched with the proverbial barge-pole. If you require advice on this then give us a call by phone - before you make the wrong move. Includes professional institutions and services, community groups, charities, etc. Details as above.
Commercial (.com) and non-commercial organisations (.org) which are international. Details as above.
A limited or public limited company in the UK. Details as above. Plus:
One name per company name registered at Company House
The name shall correspond exactly to the company name except for characters not allowable (allowable characters are A-Z, a-z 0-9 and hyphens) Spaces in the company name should be replaced by a hyphen. Words such as "limited" "ltd" and "international" are not allowed in domain names as part of the company name.

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